May 16, 2011

Animefest 2011

Spring, Brno, Animefest... Last two years I was there only two days due to lack of time, this year I was prepared to be there all three days and enjoy it as much as possible. One thing is plan, another thing is what the body allows. Unfortunatelly I wasn't lucky in the morning program and missed many screenings and presentations.

As usually a short list of screenings I have seen sorted by my preferrence from best:
And prepare your Torrent clients ;) also for these (hopefully great) two which I have missed on festival:
I have enjoyed this year very much, big thanks to organizers and I'm looking forward to the next year.

May 12, 2009

Animefest 2009

Last year I have begun with "another year, another Animefest". It could sound like something usual, that's why I dont't use it this year. Although I haven't enjoyed it enough because of lack of time, I'm impressed of progress the organizers did.

First of all, not two days, but three. Certainly the national holidays helped much, but I hope guys will manage it next year as well. Furthermore, not two places, but three -- Scala, Bakala (2 rooms) and Hotel International. Screenings, lectures, games, competitions, etc. etc. and workshops. I much regret I have missed (read "overslept") sushi workshop, hope it was good and there'll be another next year. Also you could see much work done on web pages or festival magazine on art(!) paper in colour. I'm sure it's already huge affair with much spent time and money. I'm only curious how guys want to surpass or at least sustain current quality :). Not only to praise, I didn't like dubbed films (at least RE:D and Gankutsuou). There was a screening of Sword of the Stranger, don't know why, because it was already last year. There should be also fencing in gym on Udolni, I came, but there was nothing.

This year's list of anime I have seen is not as large as in last years, sorry. Sorted by my preference as usually: and I don't count the reprise of Sword of the Stranger, I liked it already last year.

March 18, 2009

Kočičková madness

I don't hink you can be musically compatible with me :)

In case you want to do something with that :) I recommend to start with 1, 2, 3 and 4.

January 2, 2009

A Song of Ice and Fire

If you like fantasy books, I recommend to look at A Song of Ice and Fire series. There are only 4 of 7 volumes available at the moment, each volume consists of two books in Czech edition. Why is it so interesting? There is huge number of characters, one chapter narrates story from the side of one particular person. You'll understand a behaviour of important characters and take a fancy or hate some of them. There is and must be well-developed story, when you want to describe many persons in detail. I always looked forward to the end of chapters, there was often something unexpected and when you get used to these swift turns, you won't be surprised by how gracefully the author kills all your favourite characters. It's a chronicle of some world, nobody cares about what you wish.

November 30, 2008


A: Hi!
B: Hi.
A: Haven't heard about you several months.
B: Yeah, man. I got pretty lazy since I have moved.
A: You have moved? Where do you live now?
B: I live on Cejl since October, I was talking about move for a long time.
A: Give my regards to our fellow citizens :).
B: Well, I have seen blood twice on the pavement, but haven't experienced any problems. There are only bunches of loafers in the street, nobody took notice of me until now.
A: But, wasn't there anything better?
B: I looked for new accommodation in the end of summer holidays and I needed something not too far from city center and my work. There is a huge demand for flats in this time, because of college students.
A: I see.
B: Maybe you wonder, but altogether, I'm satisfied. The building is not straight in the street, you have to go through complex behind the gate (see on map). So it is safe and there is amazing quiet.
A: Sounds good, I don't like busy streets, you can't almost open the windows.
B: I'm cold, how about going for a wine and talk there?
A: Good idea, let's go...

August 2, 2008

More comfortable work

I was working hard two weeks before our demo release to prepare environment for our production servers. So I bought an ergonomic keyboard by Microsoft into work (hope Good Data will pay me that :-). There are good reviews on many servers, e.g. Živě, and the price is really reasonable. At first it was problem to write on that, but after two days I got completely used and nearly forgot how to write on classic keyboard :). It has a wrist pad, which tilts the keyboard into natural position. I only miss touchpad instead of those keys under the space key.

And the last thing, you can visit our Good Data Demo, but be tolerant. There are demo data only, own small data upload is till the fall disabled. Paid unlimited version should be probably next year.

July 27, 2008

Dracula: Origin

Two weeks ago I have spotted the Dracula: Origin adventure game, downloaded demo and tried in Linux (with Wine certainly). Initially I had problems to run it, but those appeared to be caused by missing Nvidia libraries only. In short time I have finished the demo and planned to buy a game when I have more time. Time has come and I bought it on Friday, succesfully installed and ... it can't be run because of "Insufficient privileges: you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time". Wine pretends to be running under administrator's privileges, so there must be some copy protection (SecuRom should work, but I guess it must have raw device access), which I couldn't get around in a while. The easiest way is to get the crack used by unlegally distributed versions. So, what tells a law about using legally bought software with crack as the only way to use it (in my environment)?

Get the game if you like it, it has nice graphics, music and puzzles and I heard it isn't too long. If you consider price as too high (and I do as well), I offer the game (crack incl.) for 400 CZK, which is half of my purchase costs :-).

June 8, 2008

Worsened safety

When we go to swim, we usually choose the best (I mean largest) swimming pool in Brno. Unfortunately the safety there got worse recently -- a month ago I was robbed of around 600 CZK I left in locker. I found out that later in Tesco, I had everything except the money. Today we were swimming there with Dan and I took only the money, season ticket, swimming card and cell phone. I wasn't robbed this time, but somebody completely broke lock on Dan's locker. Happily he didn't miss anything.

That swimming pool has 30 years old lockers, no CCTV and there were too many gypsies today. Maybe just coincidence, but I doubt. It's only warning to those who go there as well.