August 30, 2007

Repaired inline skate

Yesterday I made a short trip to Zlín, because I needed to repair my broken inline skate. One of the lace loops cracked during the lace in spring. HELIA Sport sent my skate to some servis in Brno, but I got it back unrepaired. People there suggested me to try Gemma Sport servis (but I didn't have luck there) or send skate to the servis in Zlín. Several months I wasn't able to send the skate by mail, so I took it there myself. Mr. Hýbner from servis was able to repair that in 20 minutes for 38 CZK and it looks like new (the same lace loop). When I heard the price, I had to laugh and left him 100 CZK. If you wondered why there were no submissions about skating this year, now you know. But most races of this year are over already :-(.

When you have some problem with skates (or whatever), you can try to contact that servis:
Servis Sport
Petr Hýbner
Padělky I/3070
760 01 Zlín
phone: 577 210 433
e-mail: hybner.p (at)
Because I had some free time in Zlín, I went to their museum. There was a permanent exhibition of the M. Zikmund and J. Hanzelka. But in 30 minutes I saw only a part, then I left to meet Lenka and Wenca.

Below you can see what was the problem with my skate: