September 30, 2007

LifeInLine in Brno and Pardubice

Because I had my skate repaired, I joined my friends in skating races. First one in Brno was a dead failure -- I came, put my skates on and started immediately without time to prepare. I started very slow to save my energy for last laps. But I was tired soon and happy to finish at all nearly 5 min slower than last year. Second race was in Pardubice and I was more satisfied with result, although all my friends were faster than I was. The only trouble was a fall at the beginning of race, when I abraded my calf and forearm a bit.

It looks like that I have praised my repaired skate too much. After two skating, lace loop is going to brake soon again :-(.

Brno (2 km each lap)
Time (m:s)6:266:346:466:456:50
Avg. Speed (km/h)18.6418.2517.7117.7417.53
Pardubice (1.63 km each lap)
Time (m:s)4:304:374:414:504:494:540:1828:42
Avg. Speed (km/h)21.6321.0920.8020.1620.2319.8727.57

Detailed results: Brno, Pardubice