November 23, 2007

My daily routine

I was looking for something in the Google web search history and found statistics of my hourly search activity after nearly two years. Yes, I don't wake up early ;-)

November 2, 2007

Sad funny recording

My flatmate and classmate from the secondary school and the university Michal told me, that today on the Internet is popular this recording of a woman calling to some ad distribution company. Something you have heard many times, it is funny and man always thinks if something like that can be real or is well prepared. But this one is different -- it is not much funny, because I know that woman. She was my class-teacher at the secondary school for one year and teacher of the Accounting for four years. I can now only think if people are really getting stupid in late age or I was only blind those days. Probably the second. When I look at the website of my former school, there is no longer Jindra KaČEnová among teachers.

Update: Kompost has already noticed her.