December 17, 2007

Moving to Blogspot

Update your RSS reader, please. I'm temporarily moving to Blogspot.

I planned to create my own simple blogging application, because I hate Blosxom for using PATH_INFO. I have already created the backend for loading/saving blog posts from/in data files, but I won't have time to finish that in near future (for reasons which I'll uncover in another blogpost). The Blogspot was a natural choice, because I want to have most online data in Google.

I have imported 4 blogposts from my old blog to see how it works. I'm not very satisfied with the style of writing (but it's only question of time) and I don't like what Blogspot does with images (simple image is than few lines of JavaScript and CSS). Good thing is that pictures are stored in Picasa, but if you delete a blogpost, the pictures still remain there.

I'll try to convert my old design, which I like more than the default ones.


Vašek Stodůlka said...

Maybe it is because I have never been writing a blog system, but I like Blogspot from the first time I started using it. Simply it "just works", which is great. :-)

vl said...

Regarding the blogspot editing I think that nothing can beat the plain and simple wiki syntax. Unfortunately, there is still no standard (de facto or de jure) for basic wiki..