November 30, 2008


A: Hi!
B: Hi.
A: Haven't heard about you several months.
B: Yeah, man. I got pretty lazy since I have moved.
A: You have moved? Where do you live now?
B: I live on Cejl since October, I was talking about move for a long time.
A: Give my regards to our fellow citizens :).
B: Well, I have seen blood twice on the pavement, but haven't experienced any problems. There are only bunches of loafers in the street, nobody took notice of me until now.
A: But, wasn't there anything better?
B: I looked for new accommodation in the end of summer holidays and I needed something not too far from city center and my work. There is a huge demand for flats in this time, because of college students.
A: I see.
B: Maybe you wonder, but altogether, I'm satisfied. The building is not straight in the street, you have to go through complex behind the gate (see on map). So it is safe and there is amazing quiet.
A: Sounds good, I don't like busy streets, you can't almost open the windows.
B: I'm cold, how about going for a wine and talk there?
A: Good idea, let's go...

August 2, 2008

More comfortable work

I was working hard two weeks before our demo release to prepare environment for our production servers. So I bought an ergonomic keyboard by Microsoft into work (hope Good Data will pay me that :-). There are good reviews on many servers, e.g. Živě, and the price is really reasonable. At first it was problem to write on that, but after two days I got completely used and nearly forgot how to write on classic keyboard :). It has a wrist pad, which tilts the keyboard into natural position. I only miss touchpad instead of those keys under the space key.

And the last thing, you can visit our Good Data Demo, but be tolerant. There are demo data only, own small data upload is till the fall disabled. Paid unlimited version should be probably next year.

July 27, 2008

Dracula: Origin

Two weeks ago I have spotted the Dracula: Origin adventure game, downloaded demo and tried in Linux (with Wine certainly). Initially I had problems to run it, but those appeared to be caused by missing Nvidia libraries only. In short time I have finished the demo and planned to buy a game when I have more time. Time has come and I bought it on Friday, succesfully installed and ... it can't be run because of "Insufficient privileges: you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time". Wine pretends to be running under administrator's privileges, so there must be some copy protection (SecuRom should work, but I guess it must have raw device access), which I couldn't get around in a while. The easiest way is to get the crack used by unlegally distributed versions. So, what tells a law about using legally bought software with crack as the only way to use it (in my environment)?

Get the game if you like it, it has nice graphics, music and puzzles and I heard it isn't too long. If you consider price as too high (and I do as well), I offer the game (crack incl.) for 400 CZK, which is half of my purchase costs :-).

June 8, 2008

Worsened safety

When we go to swim, we usually choose the best (I mean largest) swimming pool in Brno. Unfortunately the safety there got worse recently -- a month ago I was robbed of around 600 CZK I left in locker. I found out that later in Tesco, I had everything except the money. Today we were swimming there with Dan and I took only the money, season ticket, swimming card and cell phone. I wasn't robbed this time, but somebody completely broke lock on Dan's locker. Happily he didn't miss anything.

That swimming pool has 30 years old lockers, no CCTV and there were too many gypsies today. Maybe just coincidence, but I doubt. It's only warning to those who go there as well.

May 11, 2008

Animefest 2008

Another year, another Animefest, two days marathon which I take for granted already. Next time I have to bring a strong coffee in thermos, I was drowsy the second day because Cola is weak. I was there alone, but met Mirka (pleasant surprise) and Roman Žilka (whom I saw to work as a cloakroom attendant and ID badges checker -- work at CVT is obviously good training :-) there by chance.

I didn't see any lecture, I only wanted to see as much series as possible. This is a list of what I have seen, sorted by my preference again:
You shouldn't miss the first 7 series.

I would like to thank the organisers for good work and look forward to the next year.

April 24, 2008

Notebook, finally

Two weeks ago I got finally a notebook at work. Till then I worked on own old one and had to change broken power supply and HDD in last weeks already. We are slowly (very slowly, as you can see) replacing old notebooks and I was one of two who got them first. I'm glad that my employer chose T61 (review with slightly diff. configuration) with 14.1"w by Lenovo, because I personally would also buy this one or X300. Both have rugged construction and proven design, which I like. With memory of 2 GiB (in compare to my old 512MiB), I don't have to withstand ten minutes of swapping during system update. I can smoothly run the other operating systems in virtual machines (I need to have both x86 and x86-64 CentOS always ready). I can also work on battery! :-) Unlike my old machine it doesn't sound like jet aircraft. I don't have to set black on white theme in terminal when the sun shines in the afternoon, because of very contrast display etc. It is only a pity that the non-widescreen notebooks are practically gone. Firstly I had problems with keyboard layout -- "ESC" is unusually above "F1" and I'm used to have "Ctrl" (not "Fn") in the leftmost bottom corner, but I have got used quickly. I feel more productive with this machine, which you can see as well.

The Linux works fine, everything is well described in ThinkWiki. Now I'm very impatient for new Fedora 9, because there are really cool features (e.g. ext4, fast X startup, NetworkManager enhancements - like PPP,texlive - which I use already from Jiří Nový's repository) and hope I'll be able to connect our wireless network not only once after the NetworkManager restart.

April 20, 2008

From ČSOB to eBanka

This week I got angry a bit on my old bank (ČSOB). They have cancelled my old student (and the only) account, because I didn't bring them the confirmation of study. Although they wrote me 3 times to bring that, I didn't believe they would cancel it :-). Common behaviour in other banks is to change the account type to some generic one. Maybe I had an account with different contract conditions than the nowadays accounts have, because it was opened in old IPB yet. Who cares now. I just don't understand how ČSOB respect their clients, because I think I didn't have a low balance and it must be better for them to tolerate somebody like me than not to have her money.

The next day I have opened new account in eBanka. I was informed by colleague that after the acquisition by Raiffeisenbank, the internal procedures are getting worse only. But can you recommend me better bank (no, mBank is too new for me)? As I look at their internetbanking, I guess that the user interface hasn't changed much since the former Expandia Banka. When I compare that with ČSOB, I miss the possibility to prompt recharge the prepaid mobile numbers (like Twist) and I don't know how to set up the SMS notifications with the current balance on the specific day and hour (like every Friday at 8 PM). So I'm curious if there'll be these features someday or "eBanka 2.0" with completely new internetbanking must be established. If you are interested in eBanka, I recommend you to ask somebody who has their account to show how the internetbanking looks like. I don't think that it is (in compare to ČSOB) so good.

Bad thing on this move is that I planned to overdraw my account and buy an older car, which won't be possible in next 3 month. Good thing is that my employer has an account in eBanka as well, so I'll have my money (which I still haven't received for last month) sooner.

April 6, 2008

Vidi, vidi, vidi

Yeah, today I have seen last 220th episode of the Naruto. The end is opened enough for at least another 220 episodes. But not for me right now :-).

Do you have any suggestions for good and reasonably long anime? I have the Samurai Champloo in my queue already, it has good score. And btw. the Animefest in Brno is getting closer, don't forget to register in time!

I like my new job

I thought I'll blog more with my move to the Blogspot, but now it's my first submission after nearly 3 months :-(. It's mostly because I was pretty busy at new work in January and February and wasn't able to spend tens of minutes writing anything meaningful in English then at home. March was calmer month already.

Although according to my employment contract I should work as programmer, I didn't write any line in our product. I'm doing sysadmin work since I came and have to say it's precisely the job I have fancied. The Good Data is small company with more academic than corporate atmosphere. My first longterm task was to move all internal services to one hosted server and integrate them with the only one password storage -- I'll give details later. Now my primary focus is on the hosting of our BI platform.

January 7, 2008

Good bye, faculty

Last two month of previous year I was looking for a new job.

The first company I have addressed was Acision. I was interested in the position of Integration Engineer, but when I came there, they offered me the position of Tester. Most time I told them that I'm not interested in Tester, but after two hours I found out that position was not available already. When I thought about Tester at home, maybe I would take it after so much time talking about that. But they didn't picked me.

Then I published my CV at the and next day had arranged appointments with 4 personnel agencies (May Consulting, Grafton, Heys and Advantage). For following jobs I was interviewed concurrently.

The Red Hat is company I would like to work much. Because I know the money is problem for them, I tried the position of Release Engineer which they need to fill asap and were able to pay nearly as much as I wanted. I have passed entrance inverview and test, second interview, but failed in phone call with some American or interview with branch manager. The problem was my English, I didn't understand him in phone at the beginning. I was very disappointed because it looked promising till the end and I spent much time learning the Python basics.

The Home Credit looked interesting, but I came to laught at them only. From the beginning I smiled at the two persons doing an interview with me. Woman was annoyed, sometimes familiarly talking with her colleague. When I said her I have trainings tree times a week at around 6pm, she looked serious and made a note. She said they have much work and few people, then I recommended her to note that I go to swim twice a week in the morning, rarely to play squash etc. She looked astonished by my impudence for a moment :-). My another impudance was when she asked me about something and I answered her "As you could read in my CV -- Yes". What do you think, did they offer me a job? ;-)

Maybe you know the USU Software as company, that helped to establish the Red Hat Czech. They had some position I was interested in, but refused me without interview as they wanted a junior administrator. A month later they wrote me, because they found me at for their new position. After the interview they offered me a job, but I didn't accept it because there are fixed working hours from 10am to 6pm (when the trainings start) and I would be application administrator only without root access.

And the last company, where I work since the beginning of year, is Good Data. It's a recycled Insight Strategy, the small company creating their own OLAP system in Perl. The interesting is that it's the third company of Roman Staněk (founder of NetBeans and Systinet), the person I didn't know before. There were two interviews and one short phone call with Roman. They offered me a job of admin and Perl programmer and I have accepted.

So this is my good bye to faculty. I worked there nearly 6 years, it was a rare opportunity, but I needed a change :-(.

January 6, 2008

Nice rdesktop utility

A month ago I have found an interesting utility for rdesktop named the SeamlessRDP. It allows to show the Windows applications as X11 windows. All you have to do is call this utility after logon on the server.
$ rdesktop -A -s 'h:\rdp\seamlessrdpshell.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'