January 7, 2008

Good bye, faculty

Last two month of previous year I was looking for a new job.

The first company I have addressed was Acision. I was interested in the position of Integration Engineer, but when I came there, they offered me the position of Tester. Most time I told them that I'm not interested in Tester, but after two hours I found out that position was not available already. When I thought about Tester at home, maybe I would take it after so much time talking about that. But they didn't picked me.

Then I published my CV at the and next day had arranged appointments with 4 personnel agencies (May Consulting, Grafton, Heys and Advantage). For following jobs I was interviewed concurrently.

The Red Hat is company I would like to work much. Because I know the money is problem for them, I tried the position of Release Engineer which they need to fill asap and were able to pay nearly as much as I wanted. I have passed entrance inverview and test, second interview, but failed in phone call with some American or interview with branch manager. The problem was my English, I didn't understand him in phone at the beginning. I was very disappointed because it looked promising till the end and I spent much time learning the Python basics.

The Home Credit looked interesting, but I came to laught at them only. From the beginning I smiled at the two persons doing an interview with me. Woman was annoyed, sometimes familiarly talking with her colleague. When I said her I have trainings tree times a week at around 6pm, she looked serious and made a note. She said they have much work and few people, then I recommended her to note that I go to swim twice a week in the morning, rarely to play squash etc. She looked astonished by my impudence for a moment :-). My another impudance was when she asked me about something and I answered her "As you could read in my CV -- Yes". What do you think, did they offer me a job? ;-)

Maybe you know the USU Software as company, that helped to establish the Red Hat Czech. They had some position I was interested in, but refused me without interview as they wanted a junior administrator. A month later they wrote me, because they found me at for their new position. After the interview they offered me a job, but I didn't accept it because there are fixed working hours from 10am to 6pm (when the trainings start) and I would be application administrator only without root access.

And the last company, where I work since the beginning of year, is Good Data. It's a recycled Insight Strategy, the small company creating their own OLAP system in Perl. The interesting is that it's the third company of Roman Staněk (founder of NetBeans and Systinet), the person I didn't know before. There were two interviews and one short phone call with Roman. They offered me a job of admin and Perl programmer and I have accepted.

So this is my good bye to faculty. I worked there nearly 6 years, it was a rare opportunity, but I needed a change :-(.

January 6, 2008

Nice rdesktop utility

A month ago I have found an interesting utility for rdesktop named the SeamlessRDP. It allows to show the Windows applications as X11 windows. All you have to do is call this utility after logon on the server.
$ rdesktop -A -s 'h:\rdp\seamlessrdpshell.exe
C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe'