April 20, 2008

From ČSOB to eBanka

This week I got angry a bit on my old bank (ČSOB). They have cancelled my old student (and the only) account, because I didn't bring them the confirmation of study. Although they wrote me 3 times to bring that, I didn't believe they would cancel it :-). Common behaviour in other banks is to change the account type to some generic one. Maybe I had an account with different contract conditions than the nowadays accounts have, because it was opened in old IPB yet. Who cares now. I just don't understand how ČSOB respect their clients, because I think I didn't have a low balance and it must be better for them to tolerate somebody like me than not to have her money.

The next day I have opened new account in eBanka. I was informed by colleague that after the acquisition by Raiffeisenbank, the internal procedures are getting worse only. But can you recommend me better bank (no, mBank is too new for me)? As I look at their internetbanking, I guess that the user interface hasn't changed much since the former Expandia Banka. When I compare that with ČSOB, I miss the possibility to prompt recharge the prepaid mobile numbers (like Twist) and I don't know how to set up the SMS notifications with the current balance on the specific day and hour (like every Friday at 8 PM). So I'm curious if there'll be these features someday or "eBanka 2.0" with completely new internetbanking must be established. If you are interested in eBanka, I recommend you to ask somebody who has their account to show how the internetbanking looks like. I don't think that it is (in compare to ČSOB) so good.

Bad thing on this move is that I planned to overdraw my account and buy an older car, which won't be possible in next 3 month. Good thing is that my employer has an account in eBanka as well, so I'll have my money (which I still haven't received for last month) sooner.


Yenya said...

Well, I think eBanka is the best for now. However, when mBank will be able to issue embossed payment cards, I will probably get an account there.

BTW, I don't think having a different bank than your employer can account for delayed payments (the CNB clearing handles all payments the next day, so the next day you should have you money anyway. Maybe there is something wrong with your employer?


Spes said...

Yeah, the next day, but in eBanka I have my money almost immediately. My employer was out of money, because we had exhausted money from investor, but we have another now.

I like on mBanka an internetbanking static demo, which I didn't find in eBanka then.