April 6, 2008

I like my new job

I thought I'll blog more with my move to the Blogspot, but now it's my first submission after nearly 3 months :-(. It's mostly because I was pretty busy at new work in January and February and wasn't able to spend tens of minutes writing anything meaningful in English then at home. March was calmer month already.

Although according to my employment contract I should work as programmer, I didn't write any line in our product. I'm doing sysadmin work since I came and have to say it's precisely the job I have fancied. The Good Data is small company with more academic than corporate atmosphere. My first longterm task was to move all internal services to one hosted server and integrate them with the only one password storage -- I'll give details later. Now my primary focus is on the hosting of our BI platform.


Peter Kruty said...

Yee, we want mooore! Mooore! :) Thanks :). It's a pity that you don't have more time to write something about your work and how are you.

vl said...

Ok, what about some "korma"? :) We could drink a bit and talk much more.. Or you should talk and I could just listen quietly, that's what I'd prefer :)