April 24, 2008

Notebook, finally

Two weeks ago I got finally a notebook at work. Till then I worked on own old one and had to change broken power supply and HDD in last weeks already. We are slowly (very slowly, as you can see) replacing old notebooks and I was one of two who got them first. I'm glad that my employer chose T61 (review with slightly diff. configuration) with 14.1"w by Lenovo, because I personally would also buy this one or X300. Both have rugged construction and proven design, which I like. With memory of 2 GiB (in compare to my old 512MiB), I don't have to withstand ten minutes of swapping during system update. I can smoothly run the other operating systems in virtual machines (I need to have both x86 and x86-64 CentOS always ready). I can also work on battery! :-) Unlike my old machine it doesn't sound like jet aircraft. I don't have to set black on white theme in terminal when the sun shines in the afternoon, because of very contrast display etc. It is only a pity that the non-widescreen notebooks are practically gone. Firstly I had problems with keyboard layout -- "ESC" is unusually above "F1" and I'm used to have "Ctrl" (not "Fn") in the leftmost bottom corner, but I have got used quickly. I feel more productive with this machine, which you can see as well.

The Linux works fine, everything is well described in ThinkWiki. Now I'm very impatient for new Fedora 9, because there are really cool features (e.g. ext4, fast X startup, NetworkManager enhancements - like PPP,texlive - which I use already from Jiří Nový's repository) and hope I'll be able to connect our wireless network not only once after the NetworkManager restart.

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