April 6, 2008

Vidi, vidi, vidi

Yeah, today I have seen last 220th episode of the Naruto. The end is opened enough for at least another 220 episodes. But not for me right now :-).

Do you have any suggestions for good and reasonably long anime? I have the Samurai Champloo in my queue already, it has good score. And btw. the Animefest in Brno is getting closer, don't forget to register in time!


Vašek Stodůlka said...

Champloo is totally amazing, if you forgive it two things: The whole idea of "looking for samurai, which smells like sunflowers" is a little bit silly (and it is not hard to guess, how it ends) and the episodes are of very different kind (horror, comedy, action). But I and Lenka love this series and the endind made us cry. :-) And cution - the ending consists of last three parts (not usual two) and it is impossible to stop watching!

It is my personal second best anime series (after Cowboy Bebop). Simply - I like Shinichirô Watanabe very much. I have downloaded Macross Plus and I am looking forward to see it. BTW: have you seen Bebop yet?

And warning: Do not watch Noir - it is a piece of crap (althought it has good rating too).

Yenya said...

Maybe you can try Hayate no Gotoku. So far 51 episodes. Or Gundam SEED (50 or so) and Gundam SEED Destiny (another 50). For shorter series I have recently seen, I can recommend Soukyuu no Fafner and Lucky Star.

To Vašek: Noir rules, of course (together with other two parts of the trilogy: Madlax and El Cazador de la Bruja, altough Noir is probably the best one).

I have seen Cowboy Bebop, but I don't think it is something special. Except for Jet Black, the characters were totally uninteresting.

Vašek Stodůlka said...

Yenya: Probably the good rating of Noir respects reality and I am somehow different, but instead watching Noir, I would prefer Rambo - the number of death enemies is similar and half of the the movie does not show semi-static picture with shaking eyes. :-)

Spes said...

Champloo was good, although I didn't like that rap. I thought I have Cowboy Bebop somewhere, but found only Trigun. So it's the Trigun's turn now.