May 11, 2008

Animefest 2008

Another year, another Animefest, two days marathon which I take for granted already. Next time I have to bring a strong coffee in thermos, I was drowsy the second day because Cola is weak. I was there alone, but met Mirka (pleasant surprise) and Roman Žilka (whom I saw to work as a cloakroom attendant and ID badges checker -- work at CVT is obviously good training :-) there by chance.

I didn't see any lecture, I only wanted to see as much series as possible. This is a list of what I have seen, sorted by my preference again:
You shouldn't miss the first 7 series.

I would like to thank the organisers for good work and look forward to the next year.

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Yenya said...

I have seen first few episodes of Minami-ke. It is not so bad, but I didn't find it too entertaining. Lucky Star wins there.