July 27, 2008

Dracula: Origin

Two weeks ago I have spotted the Dracula: Origin adventure game, downloaded demo and tried in Linux (with Wine certainly). Initially I had problems to run it, but those appeared to be caused by missing Nvidia libraries only. In short time I have finished the demo and planned to buy a game when I have more time. Time has come and I bought it on Friday, succesfully installed and ... it can't be run because of "Insufficient privileges: you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time". Wine pretends to be running under administrator's privileges, so there must be some copy protection (SecuRom should work, but I guess it must have raw device access), which I couldn't get around in a while. The easiest way is to get the crack used by unlegally distributed versions. So, what tells a law about using legally bought software with crack as the only way to use it (in my environment)?

Get the game if you like it, it has nice graphics, music and puzzles and I heard it isn't too long. If you consider price as too high (and I do as well), I offer the game (crack incl.) for 400 CZK, which is half of my purchase costs :-).