November 30, 2008


A: Hi!
B: Hi.
A: Haven't heard about you several months.
B: Yeah, man. I got pretty lazy since I have moved.
A: You have moved? Where do you live now?
B: I live on Cejl since October, I was talking about move for a long time.
A: Give my regards to our fellow citizens :).
B: Well, I have seen blood twice on the pavement, but haven't experienced any problems. There are only bunches of loafers in the street, nobody took notice of me until now.
A: But, wasn't there anything better?
B: I looked for new accommodation in the end of summer holidays and I needed something not too far from city center and my work. There is a huge demand for flats in this time, because of college students.
A: I see.
B: Maybe you wonder, but altogether, I'm satisfied. The building is not straight in the street, you have to go through complex behind the gate (see on map). So it is safe and there is amazing quiet.
A: Sounds good, I don't like busy streets, you can't almost open the windows.
B: I'm cold, how about going for a wine and talk there?
A: Good idea, let's go...