May 12, 2009

Animefest 2009

Last year I have begun with "another year, another Animefest". It could sound like something usual, that's why I dont't use it this year. Although I haven't enjoyed it enough because of lack of time, I'm impressed of progress the organizers did.

First of all, not two days, but three. Certainly the national holidays helped much, but I hope guys will manage it next year as well. Furthermore, not two places, but three -- Scala, Bakala (2 rooms) and Hotel International. Screenings, lectures, games, competitions, etc. etc. and workshops. I much regret I have missed (read "overslept") sushi workshop, hope it was good and there'll be another next year. Also you could see much work done on web pages or festival magazine on art(!) paper in colour. I'm sure it's already huge affair with much spent time and money. I'm only curious how guys want to surpass or at least sustain current quality :). Not only to praise, I didn't like dubbed films (at least RE:D and Gankutsuou). There was a screening of Sword of the Stranger, don't know why, because it was already last year. There should be also fencing in gym on Udolni, I came, but there was nothing.

This year's list of anime I have seen is not as large as in last years, sorry. Sorted by my preference as usually: and I don't count the reprise of Sword of the Stranger, I liked it already last year.

March 18, 2009

Kočičková madness

I don't hink you can be musically compatible with me :)

In case you want to do something with that :) I recommend to start with 1, 2, 3 and 4.

January 2, 2009

A Song of Ice and Fire

If you like fantasy books, I recommend to look at A Song of Ice and Fire series. There are only 4 of 7 volumes available at the moment, each volume consists of two books in Czech edition. Why is it so interesting? There is huge number of characters, one chapter narrates story from the side of one particular person. You'll understand a behaviour of important characters and take a fancy or hate some of them. There is and must be well-developed story, when you want to describe many persons in detail. I always looked forward to the end of chapters, there was often something unexpected and when you get used to these swift turns, you won't be surprised by how gracefully the author kills all your favourite characters. It's a chronicle of some world, nobody cares about what you wish.